Friday, May 27, 2005


Ok, since haikus are the cool thing right now, and I was bored outa my mind while treading the mill this morn, I made up my very own ....

Exercise Haiku

I'm walkin' fat off
I'm walkin this flab right off
I'm gonna get thin

I repeated various versions of this over and over. Very helpfully distracting. This is my favorite version, though. It is almost like a cheer :)

I was also thinking (yes believe it or not!) that while I am doing this for me, in order to: get smaller; fit in my clothes; look better; not feel so gross, like when I walk and can feel the fat in my my back for pity's gross is that?

Anyhow, I am not just doing this for me. I am also doing this for other people. Contrary to what I usually feel, I am needed around here. For quite some time really, if I am to be truthful with myself. So when this morning I felt my heart working and beating and getting good exercise, I thought to myself that maybe I am adding some years to my life in which I can help the people around me with whatever it is they need me for. RIGHT?! Right.

See I tried/try to think on good things :)

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