Thursday, May 26, 2005

Go me!

I walked a mile on mommy's treadmill this am! Boy does that ever make ya feel good. Right now I am doing laundry (as usual), and later today I am hoping to scrap with Anne! YAY!

Yesterday I went to church totally exhausted. The reason being that yesterday Faith, Raechel, and I went with Cassie's class to Blennerhassett Island and spent the day. We went to the museum first, then rode the boat to the island and took the horse and buggy ride, then the mansion tour. While it was a blast, I think I may be too old for such goings on. I mean to tell you, I was wore out!

I had two of Cassie's classmates in my group, too. They were all very good. I had my own little tour group. :-p We really did have to go into the mansion rooms separately from the rest of the group. Mostly because I had the baby. I really enjoyed the horse and buggy ride. I love the history of the island, and it is just gorgeous.

I really wish the Mansion tour was more extensive or more historical or something. It just didn't quite satisfy my yen for historical information. It was really cute when we first went in the lady who was speaking was dressed up like an 18th century lady. And she was showing the boys how to bow properly and the girls how to curtsy properly. She had them all facing each other and she showed the boys their bow, then looked at the girls and goes, "Oh dear you've all got boys britches on...Oh well, use your imagination.." and showed them how to curtsy. Then she told them that back in those days the boys would then take the girls' hands and kiss them and all the boys and girls immediately backed away with a collective "EWWW GROSS, NO WAY!" It was quite hysterical!!

I think the kids all liked the boat ride the best.

So that was my exhausting day!

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