Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bedtime routines

SO, I am really the world's worst parent when it comes to bedtime. I am so horribly inconsistent with the whole bedtime routine.

I hate reading out loud, so I never did really read the bedtime story (told you I am the world's worst!) and I have been known to tell a story or sing a song to my kids at night, but that is not routinely done at all.

I think it would have helped had Kevin ever had been there. But he used to work nights, and I used to just play with the kids at night until they dropped. So our bedtime routine never got started. That was the first two kids. Now with Faithy, Kevin was workin days, but weird hours, like now. So he wasnt any help with her either.

I would like to do a bedtime routine with Raechel, but I really dont even know where to start. I usually just nurse her to sleep now...hmmmm....

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