Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ahh dah. Dah dah. Ahhhhh

That is Raechel's opinion on phones! She is sitting here playing with the telephone, and having a li'l ole conversation!

Well, I am in the mood to talk tonight and I have no one to talk to, other than Raechel, so I am talkin to myself! I wish someone/anyone could share in this beautiful baby with me. She is just being so cute! I was taking pics of her earlier while she was crawling around. Her knees were so red!

I am verrrry tired, but prolly couldnt sleep even if Raechel would let me. I am having an "off" night. I think it is excitement because we are leaving for the beach in 5 days!! But added to that, I can't really do anything to get ready yet! So I am just limited to being ecxcited about it! And it is making me stir crazy.

On a less complaining note, aren't baby's noses so kissable and cute! :)

Ok, Miss Raechel tells me her diaper is bugging her, so off we go to take care of her little cute self.

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  1. I want to see those pics! You should Yahoo Messenger so you can chat with me on these lonely nights lol