Friday, April 22, 2005

Such a day

I woke up at 6, got ready, got the kids ready (really they do this by themselves, but I have to keep giving not so subtle hints for them to get moving), took kids to school, went to work, told my coworkers I had to take Faith and Samantha to the K screening, then took them to the screening...

I saw my K teacher there!!! And my 4th grade teacher Mr. Smith. He was always my favorite teacher. He came to my wedding :) He was telling everyone, "Hey look who's here, my best student ever! She was the smartest kid I ever taught! I even went to her wedding, and now look she's got such great lookin kids!" when I was in fourth grade, I broke my ankle and he always carried me up the stairs.

All of us kids loved him. He was fun. He was really tall and bald, and we loved to make fun of him, because at that time, the sitcom Mr. Smith was on. It was all about an ape! So we used to tease him because he wasn't hairy like Mr Smith. Corny, but good memories :)

Anyway, after the screening, I dropped the girls off to Nicole who was sweet enough to keep Faith for the day, since Mommy was helping with Ed and Mazie's yard sale. Then I went back to work til time to pick up my girls from school.

And I was busy, and Raechel wasn't feeling the best, so she wanted to be held all day.

I think I got a workout holding her and filing/answering the phone, and stuff! :)

Anyway, such was my day. Fun filled but tiring :)

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