Thursday, April 21, 2005


Taken from Ali Edwards's blog :)

Color: purple

Word I most like to be described as: mama

Best meal I cook: chicken cassarole or baked steak with mashed potatoes and green beans

Best Dessert: diet coke cake

Favorite Book: The Harry Potters, all of them; LOTR (all); Anne of Green Gables (all)

Outfit: jeans or capris and a t

Bedtime: whenever I can get there

Sound: any sound a baby makes :)

Wish: to raise healthy, well behaved children, and make them as happy as I can.

Style: uhhh...I'd say "Redneck Woman" minus the bad words and alcohol hehe

Word: awesome!

What I crave: *sigh* babies and chocolate

Surround me with: sweet laughing babies and healthy polite children and lots of friends


  1. I crave babies and chocolate too!!

    I also say Redneck woman minus the bad words and alchohol! LOL, seems we have a lot in common!!

  2. Hey we could be sisters! We should try and meet sometime :) LOL Am I supposed to answer in this form? :-p I am not good at blogs quite yet...