Monday, April 18, 2005


I just read something about a blog having "real content"...well sorry mine is just rubbish! hehehe If I really had anything to say I think it would have been published already, I have a big mouth and am not generally shy about my opinions. But the fact that I have nothing to say obviously does not stop me saying it! Look I already have...ummm....what... Four, five... entries in my blog!

So Michelle called and said "Let's do lunch." So we are doing El Ranchero. YUM YUM! At noon. Lucky us! I started watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, but got interrupted. Can't say I mind too much. I always want to say the title in a really loud and booming announcer voice, ya know? It's just that kind of title.... *shrug*

Linda called today and just had to tell me about a little girl who my aunt Wanda knows in TX. It was too sad, so I can't even type it. But I, of course, was bawling for a good hour, and now will incessantly worry about my kids all day. Life. It is such a ride.

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